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At M.T.H. Plumbing, we have all the plumbing supplies you need! Whether you're a contractor or plumbing specialist, you can count on us. We've been in business for over 15 years. Our experienced staff can answer your questions and give knowledgeable advice. Our products are fairly priced.

Extensive pipe inventory

We have the pipes and fittings you need

  • PVC and CPVC pipes

  • PVC and CPVC fittings

  • Copper fittings and copper pipes

  • Drainage pipes

  • Charlotte pipes and fittings

  • Black steel pipes

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experienced staff


Find all your plumbing supplies here

  • Water coolers

  • Fernco couplings

  • Vent pipes

  • Flex pipes

  • Copper fittings, sticks, and rolls

  • ADS corrugated and solid sewer pipes

  • Pex pipes and fittings